WP Automated Travel Website - A Complete Wordpress Travel Business

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Introducing World’s First, All-Inclusive WordPress Travel Website – Giving You EVERYTHING You Need To Build, Manage And Grow Your Travel Business, With A Whole Host Of Integrated Features – No Experience Needed.

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  • WP Affiliate Travel Site with stunning design

  • 5m + hotels all around the world

  • Make profit with built-in Travel eCom store

  • 100% self-updating & no maintenance needed (automatically updates hotel prices, reviews, etc)

  • 600+ daily flight schedules to profit from

  • 100% set & forget - you can maintain your WP Travel Site to earn commissions yourself or simply FLIP/SELL it for quick profits

  • Comes With A Commercial Licence As Standard - So You Can Make And Sell Unlimited Sites.

  • Automated travel news,video travel guides,Blog subscription and Several Income Streams/Listings

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Dear Fellow Online Marketer.

We all love WordPress - it’s like your favourite old uncle. Familiar, faithful and predictable.

It’s reliable, it’s tried and tested.

And it works.

(We have built the travel affiliate website on wordpress.how cool is that?)

It’s No Wonder That WordPress Now Powers Over

30% Of The Internet

That’s Over 75,000,000 Websites!

So WordPress=Awesome

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Build Your Own WP Affiliate Travel Website Today

How Would You Like To Grab Your Piece Of The $5.29 Trillion Dollar Market & Start Your Very Own Successful Travel Site TODAY?

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FINALLY - The Perfect Solution to Having A 100% Self Updating Travel Site, With No Daily Updates and Maintenance Time Required Is FINALLY Here...

Let's talk about WP Automated Travel Website. What exactly is it?

The internet today is filled with lots of hype offers, that's why we have created a truly revolutionary system for anyone looking to build a sustainable business online. This product is a complete bundle. It comes prepackaged with all the essentials you will ever need to run a successful travel booking business without having to fulfil any of them by yourself. 

Here are some highlights and features of WP Automated Travel Website

* It's a well-strategized professional design. In fact, inspiration has been drawn from booking.com a well-known travel giant.

*It contains several income streams like flights, hotels, car rentals, airport transfers, tours, Amazon store and an advanced property listing feature.

*All articles and travel guide videos are updated every 24 hrs, with the ability to also manually add your own articles based on travel trends. This duration can be easily adjusted based on your update preference. The site is ever lively.

*Email marketing system which allows easy building of lists and a blog subscription which automatically engages with the site users giving them fresh and useful travel articles and videos every day.

*Advanced property listing feature with a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly listing subscription function.Ability to set commission for all local listing bookings. The demo currently set to 20% per booking.

*There are also countless areas for placement of banners, ads, AdSense and the list goes on...These are just a few highlights of what you will love about WP Automated Travel Website. All earnings can easily be withdrawn to Paypal. How cool is that'

And here's the really cool part:

It is now possible for you to quickly build your own self-updating affiliate travel site with no daily updates and maintenance required - 100% automated!

Thanks to This Enthralling, Deluxe Site Package You Can Become An Owner Of Your Own Dynamic WP Affiliate Travel Site

Fully Monetized With Over 5000,000 Hotels, 250,000+ Flights, Popular Destinations, Rooms/Flights Deals and MORE All Built With Wordpress. 

As you know that creating affiliate blogs isn't easy. It's time taking, boring and technical task.

You need to master WordPress, learn how to customize your themes, write and publish content, do tons of WP setup and hope nothing break in between.

And that's just for a regular affiliate site..

.. what if you want to build AFFILIATE TRAVEL SITE?

Travel & Tourism is a huge, lucrative niche, right?

It's also a niche that you can work with full passion - it's not a boring niche.. Yet there were no good solution for online marketer like you to tap into this money-making niche by building your own travel/vacation site!

That's where WP Travel Site comes in.

Many people are looking for faster and easier solution to create profitable affiliate websites that converts! And today at this very moment right now we are "giving away" the solution you've been looking for with this WP Affiliate Travel Site Package..




WP Affiliate Travel Site with stunning design


Make profit with built-in Travel eCom store


100% set & forget - use or FLIP/SELL it for quick profits


100% self-updating & no maintenance needed

No hassle about graphics design, keyword research, writing articles, images, installing/setup WordPress... and the list goes on.

Watch These Live Demo Samples

These demo images are for demo purposes only.You can customize the site with your own logo,affiliate links,banner ads,adsense ads and more


100% Automated WP Travel Site Which Gives You A Chance To Earn Affiliate Commissions In The Lucrative Travel & Tourism Industry!

Up to 50% from each sold plane ticket and up to 50% from each hotel booking

This WP Travel Site package utilize affiliate programs from TravelPayouts

This allows your travel site to show price comparison of hotels through different sources :  SnapTravel, Agoda, Expedia and so on.. And whichever the visitor choose, you'll get commissions!

Automated WP Affiliate Travel Sites Out Of Literally Thin Air

100% Set & Forget Affiliate Engine, You Can Maintain Your WP Travel Site To Earn Affiliate Commissions Yourself.. OR Simply Sell/Flip The Site At $97 Again & Again For Quick Profits!

NO NEED TO buy a premium theme + plugins for your affiliate travel sites
NO NEED TO pay for expensive content writers to write contents for publication 
NO NEED TO write hotels, airlines, cruises review yourself, all are automatically updated
NO NEED TO waste hours or even days of your time building authority affiliate TRAVEL sites,everything you need is all done for you

Seriously, having to do all that manually...is expensive, time consuming and put frankly downright irritating, especially once you want to build more than 1 site.Now, you can skip all that tedious tasks and jump to the end. You're getting instant, automated WP travel site fully loaded with everything you need. 

It's Extremely Simple For You To Start Using This "Self-Updating WP Travel Site" Package Even If You've Never Built A Blog Before!

Start Your Own Travel Site Business Empire Today - FINALLY A Fascinating Niche That May Fit Your Passion With This Stunning, Fast Loading WP Affiliate Travel Site For Just  $9767

Traveling Is Relaxing and Rejuvenating

"Once a year, go some place you've never been before." Dalai Lama

Why do people leave their homes and voyage all over the globe?

The reasons why people love to travel are varied - they're also very personal..

And 1 of the best reasons is because travelling is relaxing and rejuvenating.

A demanding job. A bad breakup. The loss of a loved one. Just like the heroine in Eat, Pray, Love, travel can be a great relief from the stress and unhappiness that come along with those.

WHY GET THE PROPERTY LISTINGS PACK? Private individual can subscribe to list their personal properties on your site...This may be event centres, camping homes, office spaces etc. There are several subscription plans on the site...daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly subscription. You can set any price you wish for the subscription plans. Also, you can set a commission structure for bookings done for this privately listed properties. The demo is currently set to 20 %. You have the business strategy of large companies like booking.com, Expedia etc...you are building a company that can someday become well known. Think about what happens when you have 100 properties listed on your site? ok, 200 properties? plus travel bookings? This is a completely give away opportunity. We recommend you also get the Facebook ads training video course to teach you the strategies of wildly successful Facebook ads campaign.

Use this site or flip it...

We can assure you, you’ll be able to make more sales with our
site far MORE than the price we are offering.

Because you can get a fully professional automated online business today for only $67 and keep all the recurring profits.

Automated Travel Engines

Here are the different travel offers in this site


Search Page
Booking Page


Front Page
Search Page
Booking Page

Car Rentals

Front Page
Search Page
Booking Page

Airport Transfers

Front Page
Search Page

Booking Page

Things to Do

Front Page
Search Page
Booking Page

Seamlessly Integrates With All Major Autoresponders

The site comes standard with mailchimp email marketing integration

Professionally Built Pages

Here Is What You Get

Home Page
Flight Page
Hotel Page
Airport Transfer 
Things to Do
Travel Videos
Amazon Affiliate 
Blog Page

Support Desk and Live Chat System

With our built in support desk you will be able to support your customers in the most professional and effective way

Stats Prove That Live Chat Increases Your Conversions By Over 80% With our built in Live Chat system you can be always present to capture those extra customers and provide top level support.

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Get Excited About Everything Our Website Does

Remember this Is the Exact Business Model of Large Companies Like Booking.com and Expedia

WP Automated Travel Website Demo


 Several Income Streams - Unlimited Potential


It’s Self Updating - No Maintenance Needed


It’s A One Time Cost - No Monthly Fees


Its A Well Thought Professional Design

Basic Pack File Only Package

So When You Act Now, You’ll Get These
Powerful Bonuses That Work Perfectly With
Wp Automated Travel Website

Bonus Plugin #1

Video Overlay

Your list building secret weapon! Use ANY video - yours OR someone else’s - to generate targeted subscribers.

Place optin forms inside videos & customize when they appear during playback …

Even LOCK video content until users optin to leverage scarcity.

Add CTA buttons, social sharing and banners to any video to convert more traffic into customers.

Bonus Plugin #2

WP Ultimate Notification Bar

Get More Clicks With This All-In-One Tool Bar!

Highlight your offers & maximize click rate with a fixed bar that commands attention.

Customize your CTAs including texts, images & colors … position your bar at the top or bottom of any page to drive more clicks,
more often

Bonus Plugin #3

Exit Popup WordPress Plugin

Turn traffic into profits with this PROVEN tech.

Create specific exit popups for each post or page, or your entire
site … while setting a cookie so you don’t annoy repeat visitors.

Easy to customize & mobile friendly

Bonus Plugin #4

Sticky Ads Bar

EASILY monetize your site with 100% passive ads.

Create & manage ads you can integrate with posts or pages …
Customize images, videos, position & size to get more clicks
and MORE passive income.

Basic Pack File Only Package

How Do I Know

Wp Automated Travel Website Will Work For Me?

You’ve Seen The Testimonials, And The Demo Of The Site In Action.
This Is Cutting-Edge Technology That’s Been Tested From A-Z To Maximize Your Results.

But To Remove All Risk From Your Decision, We’re Going To Put Our Money Where Our Mouths Are:

Our Money Back Guarantee

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Even profit by selling the website to others.

If during this time you have ANY questions or technical challenges, just contact our DEDICATED support team

& we’ll have you up and running in record time.

But in the highly unlikely event, you contacted but did not get a response from us or assistance, we’ll refund every penny of your small investment within 30 days.

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Thanks For Visiting This Page. We Wish You The Best Of Success
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P.P.S. Competition today means having gorgeous, top-converting sites is no longer optional – it’s ESSENTIAL.Wp Automated Travel Website gives you everything you need to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profits. With the money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose … so hit that button and get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the travel affiliates programs free to sign up?

Yes, all travel affiliate programs are 100% free to sign up and it only take a few minutes to access your accounts.

How do I earn the commission?

You earn commissions for all bookings made on your website  through your TravelPayouts/Getyourguide affiliate link. Then you can withdraw your commissions through Paypal.You also earn through subscriptions on your property listing directory and commisions on all bookings done through your listing directory.

How newbie friendly is it, really?

OK, cards on the table here – if you are not familiar with Wordpress, domain and hosting… you might want to close the page – but, if you can follow basic instructions (we’ve got well detailed instruction and access to our friendly support team too), then you will have no problems using our system.

What do I need to install this WP Travel Site?

You will need a hosting account, domain name and WP site.. If you do not already have a domain name then you can also use subdomain. All packages come with a detailed installation guide.

What is the license for this WP Travel Site?

The license is Developer Commercial License. You may install it on unlimited domains of your own or clients domain, customize the sites, claim it as your own and sell/flip it as a standalone website or turnkey website. You may not resell the whole package as is, you need to install it to your domain and hosting then flip/sell the site as a turnkey solution..