How much are Disney’s cruises to Antarctica and Galapagos Islands?

By the end of this year, Disney fans will be able to explore every continent on Earth with the kid-friendly brand.

Last week, Adventures by Disney announced the launch of cruises to Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands. The first Antarctica tour is scheduled to depart this year, while the cruises to the Galapagos will begin in 2022.

The introduction of “expedition” cruises marks Disney’s third type of cruise service, alongside its Disney Cruise Line vacations and European river cruises.

A family cruise to Antarctica — for older kids

The Antarctic Peninsula is the closest part of Antarctica to the southern tip of South America, shown here via two angles.

L: Leonello Calvetti | Science Photo Library | Getty Images; R: FrankRamspott | E+ | Getty Images

Like most Disney tours, the cruise is marketed to families, albeit ones with older children. Adventures by Disney recommends kids be 12 years and older to join and doesn’t allow children younger than 10 years old due to “the duration of the trip, potential for extreme weather or sea conditions and the amount of physical activity involved,” according to the company’s website.

What to expect

What it costs

The Galapagos Islands

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